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Wright Vulcan Pro (Cadet Pro)

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We have completely rewritten the script for the newest incarnation of our Cadet chassis. The result is the “Vulcan”. The chassis has been developed over many months, utilising the feedback from race winning drivers, experienced technicians and cutting edge data loggers. We have been able to develop what we believe to be the most complete Cadet chassis we have ever produced as well as the lightest. The Vulcan Pro is an ideal chassis for both club and Championship level drivers. The “Vulcan Pro” chassis is specifically designed for the Honda Cadet classes. We also offer a right hand drive version (Vulcan) which accommodates the Iame and Comer engines for the Cadet class.

Vulcan Pro Cadet – Homologation Fiche

Vulcan Pro Cadet – Specification Sheet

You can purchase your Wright Vulcan Pro here!