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Wright Minotaur (Bambino)

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The next evolutionary step in the Bambino class and successor of the dominant Wright Centaur chassis. The Wright Minotaur has taken all the information we have learnt over 4 hugely successful years in the Bambino category and used it to create the “next step” in Bambino karting. The Minotaur is the closest thing you can get to a full race-spec senior racing kart within the Bambino class, it boasts all of the features of it’s predecessor but also has been structurally altered and modified to give greater usability and strength. A redistribution of weight through driver positioning and re-engineered areas that come under high stress give greater handling and stability.  The kart remains versatile enough to fulfill the needs of a driver which is constantly growing and developing both mentally and physically.

Features include:

  • Adjustable front ride height (3 Position)
  • Adjustable rear ride height (3 Position)
  • Adjustable steering Camber and Caster
  • Adjustable steering column rake/angle
  • Multi position seat mount fitment
  • In built pedal extension mounting points
  • Dual element pod fitment
  • Both Top mount (Flexible) and Internal Mount (Rigid) rear bumper compatibility
  • Race specification quality components
  • New 2019 Holochrome Graphics pack

Minotaur – Homologation Fiche

Minotaur – Specification Sheet