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Wright Centaur Chiron (Bambino Corporate)

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Based on the kart that won the British Open Bambino Championship in it’s maiden year, the Centaur Chiron is designed to provide exemplary handling, ease of use and durability. The Centaur Chiron is ideal for an introduction into karting for a youngster. The chassis has been specifically designed for the ages of 6-8 years. The Centaur Chiron is the closest thing you can get to a full race-specification Bambino kart. It boasts a number of the same features as our race specification Centaur whilst also remaining versatile enough to fulfill the needs of the Corporate market .

Features include:

  • Racing style bodywork incorporating full side wrap around protection system
  • Quick release comprehensive axle cover
  • Dual position pedal to take into account smaller drivers
  • Long Life, heavy duty brake system
  • Full CNC engine mounts and clamps
  • Adjustable front ride height (3 Position)
  • Adjustable rear ride height (3 Position)
  • Adjustable steering Camber and Caster
  • Adjustable steering column rake/angle
  • Multi position seat mount fitment
  • Dual Mount pedal fitment
  • Dual element pod fitment

Centaur Chiron – Specification