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Iame Piston Sizing

Posted in Uncategorized by James Wright.

Iame designates their piston sizes by bore size, not the actual size of the piston. The marked size on the piston is based on Iame’s recommended piston/cylinder clearance (which is .11 mm or .0043″). For example, a piston marked 54.00 is actually 53.89mm in size, measured at 17mm from the bottom of the piston. In other words, if you measure a freshly honed cylinder and it measures 54mm, Iame recommends the piston marked 54 so you will wind up with the factory recommended clearance of .11mm. Also confusing, is that for any given piston size, Iame makes a “green (V)” size, and a “red (R) size”. The green piston is .11mm smaller than the marked size, while the red piston is a bit larger at .10 smaller than the marked size. This allows a very precise range of sizes so you can always get to your target clearance. Please bear in mind, the factory clearance is for an emphasis on longer rebuild intervals, not maximum performance. You will find builders normally build with a fair amount more clearance than .11mm. The following table lists all of Iame’s X30 pistons with their marked size and actual size (both green and red) listed. This table makes it a bit easier to pick a given piston based on your bore size and your intended cylinder clearance.

Example sizing:


54.00 / 53.89 / 53.90

54.02 / 53.91 / 53.92

54.05 / 53.94 / 53.95

54.10 / 53.99 / 54.00

54.12 / 54.01 / 54.02

54.15 / 54.04 / 54.05