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Since their conception in 1979, Wright Karts have always focused on creating karts, specifically chassis, to the highest possible standards. To this day, Wright Karts still adopt an ethos of traditional processes and hand built manufacture utilising the highest possible quality materials. The resultant of which is a chassis unparalleled in build quality, finishing and durability.

All chassis and component parts are fully manufactured by fabricators with a background in motorsport/karting. This knowledge provides the essential insight required to create a purpose built racing kart. Manufacture Manager James Wright has been involved with S.W.R.D. since it was formed. Competing in karts between 1988-2002, James raced at the highest level of  karting possible, the Formula Super A World Championships. Combining this karting background with a BSc degree in Engineering and 12 years of metal fabrication experience Wright Karts are able to produce products of the very highest quality.

In the search for a superior product Wright Karts utilise manufacturing processes that other companies forgo due to their high complexity, labour intensiveness and cost.

  • Chassis are constructed from highly tested and carefully selected high grade imported Italian Chromoloy material.
  • Chassis tubing is not “V” cut (as practised by many other chassis manufacturers), but carefully sculpted to the precise diameter of the adjoining tube to provide a stronger, more durable joint.
  • Welding wire compounds are perfectly paired with parent material to provide perfect material cohesion, aesthetic finish and maximise performance.
  • Pre-loaded jig areas allow chassis to be produced straight and true upon removal from the welding jig, thus not creating any material tension within the finished product.
  • Minimal dimensional tolerance give assurances of performance and quality each and every time

All  Wright chassis are built in-house here in the UK to maintain our strict quality control and product assurance. This enables us to achieve our aim of Wright Karts  producing the very best all round kart for a unique market.

The Welding Process